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There are sad stories with a happy ending too.
Theirs show the joy to find the way home.
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Who we are

Saint Macrina Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, set up in 1996.

The statutory purpose of the foundation is providing social services for:
  • The social integration of homeless children and young people,
  • The prevention and removal of the causes that generate the homeless children phenomenon.
The social services offered by Saint Macrina Foundation were designed as a complete cycle which:
  • begins with basic day-care, for satisfying basic needs,
  • continues with residential care, in placement-centre or protected homes system, depending on the age and needs of the beneficiaries.
Regardless of the type of service provided, the intervention focuses on children, on their needs and their potential.

All social services offered by Saint Macrina Foundation focus on education and support for graduating compulsory education cycle. In this way, beneficiaries get:
  • professional training and learn some independent life habits, considered to be absolutely necessary elements for social and professional integration.
  • education and spiritual counselling, included in all provided services.

Family is considered to be the most favorable environment for children’s education and personal development. This is the reason why Saint Macrina Foundation created support means for the beneficiaries’ families, with the purpose of developing parental abilities and making the families aware of their responsibility in assuming the parents’ role.

The partnership is a key element for accomplishing these objectives. From the beginning of its existence, Saint Macrina Foundation created a network of community partners. The following offered us trust and support:
  • commercial companies,
  • public institutions,
  • non-governmental organisations and
  • local authorities.

In order to achieve its objectives, Saint Macrina Foundation has a team of 17 people, 12 of which are specialised staff in social services.
The management is represented by an Executive Director and a Board – responsible for drafting the annual strategy and for the Foundation’s long term strategy.
The current Board is represented by:
  • Archbishop Nifon, Mihaita, president;
  • Bishop Valer Irimia, vice-president;
  • Elena Timofticiuc, vice-president;
  • Christian Peter Teodorescu, treasurer;
  • Andreea Ilie, secretary;
The organisation’s structure consists of two departments:
  • Social Services – Programmes department and
  • Staff, Financial-Bookkeeping

The Romanian Churches Ecumenical Association set up the Medical-Social Recovery and Help Foundation for the disabled children, managed by IPS Nifor of Targoviste, which has a social center in Bucharest – Saint Macrina.

The name was inspired by Saint Vasile the Great’s sister. Saint Macrina dedicated her life to helping the poor: children, old people, people facing difficult situations.

Since 2005, Saint Macrina Foundation is accredited by the General Direction of Social Assistance from the Ministry of Work, Social Solidarity and Family, as social services supplier for the following services:
  • Day-Care for children in risk-situations
  • Residential Centre (Placing Centre)
  • Protected houses for young people.