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What we do

The organisation’s experience in achieving projects
In 2005 the Foundation’s budget was of 350.150 EUR, while in 2006 the Foundation’s performance was ensured by a 413.000 EUR budget.

The day-care centre
  As a first step within the complete cycle of services offered by the Foundation, with the objective of social integration, the day-care Centre offered social services to a number of 50 children every day, four days a week. A number of 100 families were assisted in various forms of support: counselling, medical assistance and material help for improving the social-economic status.
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Placement centre
  The residential centre hosts an average number of 25 children who benefit of complex care services: accommodation, food, medical care, counselling and psychological support, counselling for school orientation and career, school assistance, informal education, spending leisure time, socializing and learning independent life habits.
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Protected houses for boys – Habits of independent life
  The social apartment for boys has as objective the socio-professional integration of young men over 18 years old who come from the Day-care Centre or from the Foundation’s residential centre or were referred to the Foundation by the public or private social services network.
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Protected houses for girls Habits of independent life
  By offering accommodation to girls above the age of 18 years old, the social apartment has as objective the complete and constant integration process of a number of 8 girls. In 2006, 8 girls began the programme and four of them finalised it before the envisaged term. These girls currently have a constant place of work and live in two rented rooms.
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Spiritual counselling
  The spiritual counselling programme is essential for all the Foundation’s activities as it addresses to the unity of body and soul.
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Medical programme
  The medical programme within the partnership with the Foundation “Aiutare I Bambini” focused on two central themes: “Evaluation and medical care” and “Education for a healthy life”.
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Multifunctional Communitarian Centre
  After the final part, the centre will develop the Foundation’s capacity to offer services to a greater number and better quality of beneficiaries. The Multifunctional Communitarian Centre was conceived to host numerous activities at each level. These activities will become operational, according to the termination stage of the construction works.
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