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Terms and conditions

This document is establishing the terms and conditions in which you can use the site www.macrina.ro. We ask you to read this page attentively.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions provided in this document, you may not access and use the site and the information provided in it.

“User” of this site means each physical or juridical person that has access on this site.

The content of the site, the texts, graphics, photographs and any other material on the site are protected by the copyright Law and represent the property of A.R.M.S. Fundation.

The Copyright for the information existing on the site is belonging to A.R.M.S. Fundation. The users who reproduce or modify the materials from this site will suffer the consequences in conformity with the Romanian and International Law regarding copyright. Any eventual litigation with regards to this site is in the competence of the law courts in Romania.

The users will not access the site in order to transmit and/or destroy the material, violating the effective laws or invading the copyright, brand or intellectual property;

It is forbidden:
• The copying, multiplication, distribution, archivation or preserving, by any means, including electronic, magnetic or computerized ones, of the materials and information existing on the site;
• Deleting or modifying by any means of the materials and information published;
• The tentative to intervene, by any means, in this site’s contents;
• The tentative to intervene in the good functioning of the hosting servers.
The violation of any of these regulations is followed by civil or penal lawsuit. A.R.M.S. Fundation will investigate all deeds that are involved in such violations, having the right to co-operate with the legal authorities in following the users involved in violations.

A.R.M.S. Fundation is preserving the right to modify, at any time and moment, or to interrupt, temporary or permanently, in part or in whole, the services offered by this site, with or without a previous notification. A.R.M.S. Fundation is not responding in front of anyone, may that be a physical or juridical person or an institution, for any modification in the contents of the site. A.R.M.S. Fundation may change at any time the contents and the usage conditions of the site. The new conditions are valid from the moment they are made public on the site and the do not have retrospective character.

By using this site, one declares expressly that understands and agrees with the following:
• The usage of the site is made on own responsibility.
• Any material read or obtained by any means by using the services offered by the site, is at the discretion of the user and it may be used only on own risk. The user is the sole person responsible of any eventual destructions caused to the PC from where the site is being accessed or any eventual data loss that may result from accessing the site’s contents.
• No advice or any other oral or written information obtained by one from the A.R.M.S. Fundation site or from its services, will create a guarantee that is not expressly mentioned in the Usage terms and conditions.

A.R.M.S. Fundation will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damages, inclusively but not limited to damages for profit loss, good-will, possibilities of usage, data or other intangible or immeasurable damages, resulting from: usage or impossibility to use the site’s information; unauthorized access to, or the deterioration of the transmission or the data of the user; declarations or actions of any third person regarding the site’s services; or any other problem regarding the site’s services.

This site is offered in this form without any other guarantees. We are not responsible for discrepancies, un-availabilities or other defects of the site or its content. A.R.M.S. Fundation will not be responsible by any means for any damages of the user of the calculus systems.

Usage of the site will be made under the conditions and terms provided in this document, accepted implicitly by the user in the moment of his accessing the site.